Introducing Scrum, a dynamic folk band with six talented musicians who deliver energetic, honest, and spontaneous performances. They have captivated audiences at numerous parties and festivals, garnering a growing fan base over the last 19 years. 

Scrum is set to rock major festivals both at home and abroad. Led by frontman Skottie, the band combines Scottish/Irish folk, rock, and punk, creating a formula for an unforgettable party. Brace yourself for an explosive experience featuring bagpipes, banjo, violin, and mandolin. 

Get ready to be blown away by Scrum!


  • Skagen Festival

    6 Juli 2024

    23:00 uur

    Skagen (DK) Tickets

  • Rock am Turm

    12 Juli 2024

    19:00 uur Coesfeld (D) Tickets

  • Nop Pop

    13 Juli 2024

    Bant (NL) Tickets

  • Castlefest

    03 Augustus 2024

    Lisse(NL) Tickets

  • Middeleeuws Winschoten

    17 Augustus 2024

    Winschoten (NL) Tickets

  • Oranje Rock

    31 Augustus 2024

    Katwijk (NL) Tickets

  • Celtic Folk Festival

    26 Oktober 2024

    Groningen (NL) Tickets


    02 November 2024

    20:30 uur

    Ulft (NL) Tickets


Energetic Folk Rock Band Ready to Blow You Away!

Looking for a band that will leave you breathless and craving for more? Look no further than Scrum, a group of six talented and passionate musicians who live and breathe energetic, honest, and spontaneous folk music. With each performance, they go above and beyond to ensure that every audience member goes home with a satisfied feeling, and their fan base continues to grow.

Featuring the powerhouse vocals of Skottie, accompanied by the skillful melodies of banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, bagpipes, tinwhistle, uilleann pipes, and violin, Scrum is a force to be reckoned with. Their unique fusion of Scottish/Irish folk, rock, and punk creates a formula for success that guarantees a mind-blowing party experience.

Having conquered numerous parties and festivals both at home and abroad, Scrum sets out to make more waves on the major festival and theater circuit. With Skottie back at the helm and the trusted lineup intact, the band is prepared to unleash their full-throttle performance, leaving you stunned and craving for more.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Scrum’s explosive stage presence and infectious energy. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of foot-stomping rhythms, electrifying guitars, and a musical journey that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Scrum consists of Skottie (vocals, banjo, guitar, mandolin), Rens (bass), Robin (guitar, mandolin), Oscar (drums), Denny (bagpipes, tinwhistle and uilleann pipes) and Corné (violin, mandolin) and is here to make your music experience unforgettable. Get ready to party hard with the best in folk rock!


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