New album release March 9

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After 3 albums, 4 EPs and a DVD Scrum presents a new sound. Single Malt Folk contains 12 songs and a bonus track. In 2017, the band released three singles from this album in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, all national airplay. The album will be released in these countries with the promotion of a new single.

Single Malt Folk: energetic, honest and spontaneous folk music from The Netherlands.


  1. High Hopes
  2. The Sailor’s Son
  3. New Home
  4. Little Becky
  5. Miss Me (But Let Me Go)
  6. Hold My Hand
  7. Long Lost Friend
  8. Your Beautiful Mind
  9. Celebrate The Sun
  10. Perfect Crime
  11. Looking Back
  12. Alive And Kicking
  13. Ossies Lullaby