Auld Lang Syne in Metalhedz Season Finale

Dec 30, 2016 Geen categorie Comments are off

A few weeks ago we received a request from the producers of the populair Scottish online series Metalhedz if one of our songs could be used for the end credits for the new season finale. Ofcourse we wanted to contribute our song Auld Lang Syne.

Metalhedz is a popular Scottish online
comedy/drama that delves into the personal lives of a group of rock music fans, showing that no matter how different someone looks, they go through the same crappy time as everyone else when it comes to life and love. The idea behind the show was to try and break stereotypes and help put an end to prejudices against people who dressed alternatively.

For those of you who can’t wait till the end of the episode, Auld Lang Syne begins at 15.30 minutes.